Karen Rile

Karen RileKaren Rile is the author of Winter Music, a novel set in Philadelphia, and numerous works of fiction and creative nonfiction. Her writing has appeared in literary magazines such as The Southern Review, American Writing, Creative Nonfiction, The Land Grant College Review, Other Voices, Superstition Review, Bosque, and Apiary, and has been shortlisted among The Best American Short Stories. Karen has written articles and essays for many publications including The San Francisco Chronicle, The New York TimesThe St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and Daughters magazine. She is a frequent contributor to the Pennsylvania Gazette, JSTOR Daily, and the Philadelphia Inquirer and writes a weekly parents’ column on Violinist.com. She is also the founding editor of Cleaver, an online magazine featuring poetry, literary fiction and nonfiction, flash, art, radio plays, book reviews, craft essays, and more. Karen lives in Philadelphia and teaches fiction and creative nonfiction at the University of Pennsylvania.